Neuenfelder Fährdeich 88, 21129 Hamburg
+49 40 74511-01


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Push your career ahead with us!

We are looking for employees in production and construction. For more details see the German version of this website.

We are committed to our employees dedication and ideas which lead to new innovative technologies. Always bearing the success and goals of our customers in mind. We therefore create the best possible work conditions by supporting you optimally.

We offer you attractive occupational development opportunities such as education and training courses as well as sufficient leeway to realise your ideas and visions.


Minds that can develop innovative ideas, hands to realize these ideas competently . Employees who give our company a unique character. We need qualified and motivated employees to produce high quality products.Specialized shipbuilding particulary demands competences in many different fields. We plan to training and educating the young at the highest level.
For more details see the German version of this website.