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Our Shipyard

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Shipbuilding in Germany since 1635

The Pella Sietas shipyard is located on the south bank of the Elbe on the west side of Hamburg, the maritime capital of Germany. The shipyard first mentioned in 1635 is now a supplier of high-quality special ships and offshore technology structures. Pella Sietas is part of the Pella Group, which produces ships and ship accessories in Russia with more than 3,000 employees.

Thanks to a modern and flexible infrastructure as well as efficient management processes, we are able to provide our customers with a wide range of products and services. They appreciate Pella Sietas as a fully integrated shipyard, which, with more than 250 highly specialised employees, can reproduce the whole ship development process from the initial rough concept to the finished ship. We pick up our customers where they need us: be it when discussing a transport task or carrying out the construction of a finished design.

Pella Sietas’ products are innovative, wellthought-out and reliable. With highly efficient and low operating and life cycle costs, they help our customers to be competitive in their respective markets.


Together with you, we develop tailor-made solutions to ensure that your ship meets today’s requirements for efficiency and purpose. We will create a concept for you and then work out a basic design from which we will develop a detailed design for a completely new ship.


Established processes, modern production facilities, efficient workflows and short communication channels form the backbone for the manufacturing of our reliable products.

Commissioning and testing

Testing and commissioning is a challenge for the Pella Sietas shipyard, the companies involved and the shipping company. All systems must be tested comprehensively and smooth operation must be ensured for the shipping company.

Quality and expertise

  • At Pella Sietas we not only invest in Research and development but also in our manpower.
  • Innovations due to team performance! This principle applies to Pella Sietas and to our suppliers alike to enable optimal leverage of the complete value chain.
  • Our well experienced team, consisting of engineers of all disciplines as well as production employees from electrician to welder, is supported by most modern programs like Nupas-Cadmatic, AutoCAD and other versatile technologies.
  • In our own design department, concepts for development and production are put together to fulfil the demands and specific needs of our customers ships.
  • We not only cooperate closely with trusted independent engineering offices but also with technical faculities and classification societies
  • Occupational safety and health protection is the joint responsibility of management, executives and all employees

Our Shipyard

Max. Ship Size


Quay Length

1 375m

Steel construction

21 300m²

Ttube bending center

6 000m²

Dock capacity

12 300t

Portal Crane


Our Shipyard, Pella Sietas GmbH, is located southwest of Hamburg on the river Elbe.

Since 1635 innovative ships are continually being built on this site. The shipyard equipment and existing know how allow production of very big constructions as well as complex work pieces of high quality.

Our 200 highly qualified experts and engineers have a strong track record throughout the years.