Continuous research and development work as well as close networking with universities and research institutes allow us to apply the latest ship design and construction methods and to implement the most advanced technical standards on our new vessels.
Our satisfied customers include shipping lines, authorities, ship suppliers and other shipyards.


  • Ship concept and ship design
  • Basic design
  • Detail design
  • Nesting and coding
  • Plasma cutting and deforming
  • Section and block construction
  • Dock assembly
  • Commissioning and testing

On the shipyard’s facilities, ships up to 180 m long, 38 m wide and with weights up to 12,000 t can be built.

Newbuilding of ships

Together with you as our customer, we develop tailor-made ships to meet your requirements for an efficient and successful product. We start with you from a preliminary design proceeding to a basic design and ending in the detailed design phase with a complete new ship. The following points are examples for our new-building services:


Ship Theory

  • Coverage from preliminary to detailed ship design
  • Hull Form Development
  • Intact- and Damage Stability Calculations
  • Seakeeping Analysis
  • Calculations of Dynamic Positioning Capabilities
  • Fulfillment of all required statutory regulations like EEDI, MARPOL, Load Lines, etc.

Machinery and Electrical Systems

  • Development of innovative machinery and propulsion concepts
  • Layout and design of smart and efficient auxiliary systems
  • Integration of state of the art technologies
  • Full 3D coordination of machinery and electrical systems and derivation of production documents (CAD-CAM-System)


  • Rudder design and construction

Steel Construction

  • Basic design engineering and steel structure for class approval
  • Finite element calculations
  • Detail design and production information

Repair and Conversion

  • Making your vessel comply with MARPOL’s SOx regulations: Scrubber installation as well as complete conversions of the machinery concepts
  • Installation of ballast water treatment systems including assembly and commissioning
  • Retrofitting of dynamic positioning systems
  • Steel structure assembly and weld repairs of high strength special components for offshore usage like jacking frames or leg supporting for jack up installations vessels according to offshore standard
  • Complete conversion according to new intended purpose or new shipping area
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair concerning your ship

Industrial Services/Facilities

  • ESAB Steel cutting machines
  • Autogenous panel cutting machines
  • Plasma and oxygen steel cutting

Fully automatic sawing center

  • Kasto storage system
  • High performance band and circular saw
  • Durable, individual marking from 450 mm length possible
  • Saw capacity up to 400 mm material thickness
  • Stronger material will be flame cutted

Modern pipe bending center

  • The modern bending machines bend pipes with a diameter of 16 mm up to 219 mm
  • Unbent pipes can be processed with an unlimited diameter
  • Steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal can be processed
  • Automatic weld and spool numbering for each pipe
  • With our electromechanical 3D isometric devices we are able to measure precise pipe runs directly on-sitesite and to reproduce them in the workshop

Cargo handling

With Este Project Service (EPS) we have a strong partner for cargo handling at site. EPS is in close contact with several logistic chains and forwarding agents. Besides shipbuilding they use our facilities for transshipping and intermediate storage of large components.

Learn more about EPS: